Professional grade Vitachef® Steamer Skillet is the easiest to use and most versatile cooking appliance you will ever own.

When you receive your Vitachef® Steamer Skillet, verify you have all the parts, and then clean and assemble according to the instructions in your Manual and the videos above.

The best way to get started … is to Get Started! Look at the list of easy one-step steaming foods (click here) and pick a few things you’d like to try. Get small portions of several different foods for the full Vitachef® Steamer Skillet experience!

Once you have your food, season it to taste. No need to break out a lot of dishes or other utensils.

Start Steaming …Pour water into the skillet to the fill line on the side.

Place the steaming plate on the skillet, place extender ring on the steaming plate (if you’re doing something big like crabs or a bunch of mussels!), and place the lid on top.

Plug the heating control unit into the skillet and into an outlet, and turn the heating dial to 400°. Allow the unit to generate cooking steam … approximately 8 minutes.

Start Cooking!

Placement Tip: Vitachef® Steamer Skillet is perfect to place in the middle of the tab
le to steam a variety of foods, while your family and friends enjoy the taste sensations and each other’s company and conversation!

Lift the lid, being careful because steam is hot, and place the lid on a cloth to catch the condensation. Place your food on the steamer plate, replace the lid, and watch the food cook! Steam to the time indicated. Or, check internal temperature according to the cooking table using a temperature probe through the probe opening in the lid.

When the food is ready, remove the lid, being careful of steam, and remove the food using a non-metal spatula. Serve and enjoy!

If you’re continuing to steam other food items, replace the lid and allow the unit to come to temperature (about 2 minutes). Check the water level on occasion by using the long arm to lift the rings and see the water level. If water is low, pour more in up to the water line. When you add water, allow an additional minute or two for the steaming to come to temperature.

Add your next food item, and continue the process until everyone is full and happy!

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Getting Started with Your Vitachef® Steamer Skillet

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