The professional grade Vitachef® Steamer Skillet is designed to last for years and to be the most used cooking appliance in your kitchen. It is easy, versatile and is perfect for people who like exploring wonderful food while enjoying the company of family and friends!

The versatility of Vitachef® is umatched. It is the best steamer and skillet, and at the same time a smoker, roaster and oven.

Vitachef® can be used to cook the widest range of foods and recipes, quickly and easily.

Vitachef® is fun! Gather family and friends around a table or counter with Vitachef® Steamer Skillet in the middle of the table, with a mix of fun, tasty foods. Then start steaming and enjoy one great taste after another, while laughing and sharing!

Steamed Vegetables

Steaming Salmon

Stuffed Portobello

Chicken Kabobs

Steaming Muscles


Steamed Spinach

Turkey Beef Sliders