The founding members of our company grew up in Jacksonville, Florida enjoying swimming, scuba diving, fishing, and the Florida sun, living the good life. As with all of us, we found the need to sustain our health was paramount but challenging. As said many times, we are what we eat.

Using conventional pots and pans to prepare healthy foods or special diets proved to be difficult, costly, and time consuming. Portion control and individual diets complicated our effort to eat healthy.

In 2009 the founding members realized the need to create a cooking system that would enable people to maintain today’s active and healthy lifestyles. Taking into account the fast-paced lifestyle, ethnic diversities, diet, and the need to maintain our health, we created the “Vitachef” Healthy Lifestyle Cooking System.

Vitachef is not just a cooking system, but a lifestyle. Our goal is to promote a healthy interactive cooking experience for our customers, their families and friends. We support change by creating great tasting healthy food in minimal time. Using proven technology, innovation and state of the art materials, we developed the ultimate cooking system.

When you become a member of the Vitachef family, you are joining a force dedicated to enhancing a healthy lifestyle.

Vitachef Mission Statement

Vitachef is dedicated to improving today’s lifestyle through innovative superior products creating a vital, healthy alternative to conventional cooking methods.